Our Team

                           A team of guides who are close friends.

I live in the valley of Chamonix, and am passionate about my work both as a Mountain guide and playing the guitar. Being here naturally leads me to live out my two passions.
It is with great joy that I introduce you to my close friends with whom I have the pleasure of sharing the mountains and great times playing music.


A Guide in Chamonix, and always a smile at the end of the rope, Sara is a Guide who will share with you her passion for the mountains with a good sense of humour, whilst being serious when need be. Flautist and accordionist at any time of the day!!!
Nicolas Lochu             BLOG
Guide in Chamonix.
The tranquil force of the team who will go anywhere, even when everyone else thinks it is impossible; to follow him is a true pleasure. We have great fun sharing and playing music together...
A Guide in the valley of La Tarentaise in Winter and throughout the whole of the Alps in Summer, from the Massif of Mont Blanc to Cervin, passing by the beautiful calciferous waterfalls on the way. He has an incredible way of making climbing look easy!!!