“Swing, waltz, and tralala”

Are pleased to present their music and the musicians which form the group.

'Manouche' swing jazz, waltz
Fun songs
World folklore, dances


Jacques Senly:

As a mountain guide and guitarist, I grew up with a guitar in one hand, an ice pick in the other, and a pair of skis on my feet, and since then I make a living with them!!!






Nicolas Lochu:
Mountain guide, guitarist, singer and dancer.
As much in love with human discoveries as with sportive!!!







 Sara Berthelot:
Mountain guide, flautist, accordionist, accompanist in mountainous regions, pharmacy technician, a constant smile, and the queen of melodies!!!








Alain Moulier:
Double bass player, accordionist, our WISE 'spiritual guide', retired and dedicated to his passion!!!