Mountaineering is a Mountain Guide's principal activity.
For beginners, longing to discover the amazing milieu of the mountains, whilst at the same time securing all of the necessary safety precautions, or an already informed and experienced mountaineer, wishing to continue their exploration of new heights.
Climbing is a great way to achieve these goals.
It would be a pleasure to accompany you and to share these precious moments.

Climbing school
Ice and rock-climbing school
Glacial hiking
First summits

Limestone climbing areas of various lengths/heights:
(Rock faces include: Sapey, La Pointe Percée, Les Rochers du Midi dans les Aravis,...)
Traditional climbing summits for levels 4+, 5, 5+
(Aiguilles de Chamonix, Dent du Géant, Tour Ronde,...)
Large summits, mixed circuits AD, AD+ (3500m, 4000m):
(Normal routes taken to Grandes Jorasses, Traversée du Liskam, Le Cervin,...)

The classics, traditional itineries:
(Aiguille Verte, La Kufner au Mt Maudit, Le Chardonnet, Traversée des Courtes,...)
Rescue and First-Aid day: CREVASSES and SNOW and AVALANCHES
In Chamonix, you only have to look up and our minds envision  thousands of projects!!!

TARIFS: According to the Circuit and itinerary chosen and weather conditions.