Corporate & Groups

Family reunion or Groups of friends or Seminars
The mountain can provide a base structure for group projects, or even just a good excuse to reunite with loved ones. Trekking in the mountains, glacial hiking, canyonning, via ferrata, rock climbing, skiing, many activities which can be practised in groups.

As well as the convivial side of being in a group in this particular environment, it may be ideal to adapt our trip to the ability of each individual person, which effectively helps us to lead you on as best a possible trip in the mountains.

Here are the three main programs which we propose, however numerous combinations are possible.

5 days of Summer multi-activities:

For 5 consecutive days full of intense experiences, you will have the opportunity to try out different mountain-based activities.

Program: Day 1 canyoning, Day 2 via ferrata, Day 3 rock climbing, Day 4 & 5 alpine trekking, glacial hiking (with or without a night spent in a refuge)...

2 days of snow-shoeing:

Snow-shoeing is an accessible sport for everyone as it does not rely on any particular technique. Over 2 days we suggest a climb to a refuge where we will spend the evening and sleep over. The next day following a different itinerary, we will rejoin the starting point from the previous day.

3 days of Winter multi-activities:

Day 1: Ice waterfall    
Day 2: Off-piste skiing initiation    
Day 3: Descent into the Vallée Blanche

…........THE LITTLE EXTRA...........

On your break we will provide evenings of musical activity.