Avalanche Awareness Course with a Mountain Guide in Chamonix


                                              AVALANCHE SECURITY

                                                  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

As mountain guides, we are constantly faced with the dangers that snow brings, and are regularly affected by news from near or far of accidents caused by avalanches.

That is why it is essential to know certain basics to prevent the skiing dream from turning into a nightmare.

We offer a safety awareness programme which focuses on getting around in the mountains during the winter season (either by skiing or on snow shoes), as well as an introduction to avalanche rescue:

-Giving up/abandoning a project or knowing how to turn back

- Choosing the correct safety material

- Knowing how to use it

- And above all, how to behave so that you’re never in the position to have to use it!!!

- How best to handle a safety rescue

Over the course of one or two days on the ground, we will bring you all of our knowledge.Among other things, we advise you to regularly keep up to date through a range of possibilities:

-Meet the professionals (ski patrollers, mountain guides, ski monitors etc…)

-Read/watch the weather reports and snowfall announcements


-Reviews and specialist books

-Watch videos on the internet…

This information applies to everyone, from the ‘Rider’ to the ‘pensive’.

                                                 Happy skiing and hiking to all.