HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE
Being a guide is a passion which comes from the simple pleasure of being in the mountains and sharing these experiences of life 'up there', with one or several accompanying travellers.
The guide is the “link” between your dream and the Mountain.
I wanted to share this space for communication with Friends of mine who are also Mountain Guides as we work together regularly.
As well as having the same philosophy on the subject, we have another passion in common: music.
If ever I am unavailable myself, I will direct you with complete confidence towards them.
Moreover, you will always have the possibility to return to the mountains with your guide and to stay in contact with him, thanks to the services provided by this site:
The blog, slide-show presentations, and the films of your trips into the mountains.
We hope that this site will open new doors, leading you to fulfil the true potential of your projects.
                                                         Jacques SENLY
                                               Mountaing Guide and Guitariste
                                                   phone : 00 33 (6) 12 90 07 89